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Yoga & Meditation Bodensee Lotusblüte

Stressabbau mit Hilfe von Kundalini-Yoga

Kundalini-Yoga und Entspannungsbehandlungen mittels Meditation (Sat Nam Rasayan®)

Sie möchten langfristig mittels Yoga, Meditation oder meditativer Behandlungen Stress abbauen, sich entspannen, vom Alltag abschalten, ihre Selbstwahrnehmung stärken?

Mit Kundalini-Yoga-Techniken und den dazugehörigen Entspannungsbehandlungen mittels Meditation (Sat Nam Rasayan®) können alte oder auch neue Verhaltens- oder Denkmuster, die tief in einem schlummern und die uns in Stresssituationen bringen, realisiert werden. Durch kontinuierliche Bearbeitung dieser Muster, lassen sich Gedanken beruhigen und ein alternativer Umgang mit dem eigenen Körper erlernen.

Mit Hilfe von Kundalini-Yoga und meditativer Entspannungsbehandlungen kommen Sie zur inneren Ruhe und wieder zu sich selbst.

  • What relaxation techniques are there in Kundalin Yoga?
    Kundalini Yoga offers different types of relaxation and stress reduction. In a course, students learn how to achieve inner peace and relaxation. By means of a series of exercises (Kriya), breathing exercises(Pranayama), meditations and mantras, thought currents are calmed and body and mind are brought into harmony. The individual relaxation treatments using meditation – Sat Nam Rasayan® – also help to strengthen consciousness and find oneself.
  • What is Sat Nam Rasayan®?
    Sat Nam Rasayan® is an ancient meditation teaching from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. It is Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and means to make the Self flow, deep relaxation in the name of the Divine, enter into the essence of true identity (Guru Dev Singh & Ambrosio Espinosa (2002): Sat Nam Rasayan. L'arte della cura. Edizioni E/O, Rome). We all carry patterns of behaviour or thinking within us, whether inherited, instilled or learnt in the course of our lives. Sat Nam Rasayan® helps to work out the patterns over time. Through Sat Nam Rasayan® our system is brought into balance. Grounding and letting go, physical and mental relaxation and the flow of energy happen during the treatment through deep meditation. Through this we come into harmony with ourselves, experience life as more joyful and freed from worries. Without the burden of patterns and injuries, we have more space to feel compassion and trust towards our fellow human beings. Meditative stillness and stress reduction allow our minds to calm down. Our resilience is strengthened, we can cope with stressful phases more easily and make decisions more easily. Clients can relax in individual appointments of Sat Nam Rasayan® meditation treatments, release themselves from thought loops so that a protective calm can settle around them and fill them.
  • What is Kundalini Yoga?
    Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga from India to the West at the end of the 20th century. It is considered the yoga of consciousness. The tradition of Kundalini Yoga is several thousand years old. It includes a comprehensive way of life that encompasses yoga, meditation, the meditative healing art Sat Nam Rasayan®, the defensive technique Gatka, the use of mantras, philosophy and Ayurvedic nutrition. The methods of Kundalini Yoga contribute to the strengthening of one's own physique and psyche. One feels free, grounded and at peace within oneself. Through yoga, we learn to deal with our own body in a benevolent way. The series of exercises support suppleness and strengthening. In deep relaxation we are allowed to let go and meditation allows us to come into stillness. We experience the depth of yogic philosophy and learn to maintain our connection to the self in everyday life. Thus, yoga can have a positive influence – not only on mental, but also on physical ailments such as concentration problems, back problems or sleeping disorders.
  • What are mantras?
    A mantra is a rhythmically spoken verse in Gurumukhi or Sanskrit (ancient Indian language). In the past, a mantra was usually passed on by the teacher to his or her students. Today, the training takes place in groups. Mantras are words that support our mind in projection. When we listen to or chant mantras our mind comes to rest, we learn to let go, to trust and to come into stillness. One of the most well-known mantras in Kundalini Yoga is the mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. It means that we connect with the energy of creation and allow ourselves to be guided along the path from darkness (suffering) to light (joy). We get to know our inner voice and follow it full of trust, compassion and grace.
  • How does a Kundalini Yoga course work?
    In a Kundalini Yoga course we start with a warm-up, followed by a series of exercises (Kriya), deep relaxation and meditation. We regularly practise breathing exercises (pranayama), speak and chant mantras and learn short exercises that we can take into everyday life for relaxation.


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